Three dilemmas faced by the development of the manufacturing industry in China
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Chinese manufacturing go? Recently, the China Entrepreneurs Forum Summer Summit, the participating entrepreneurs and scholars to explore the future of "Made in China". They believe that the human costs, overcapacity Brand lack of influence problems hindering the development of China's manufacturing industry has become.

Labor costs rise

As the world's manufacturing giants, China's manufacturing industry to rely on low-cost, high consumption, high emission promote growth mode is basically already coming to an end, rising labor costs has become a fact recognized by the experts.

Cao Yuan Zheng, chief economist of the Bank of China, said that the growth rate of the minimum wage in the past three years, an average of more than 15% of the inland provinces, or even higher than in the east, up to 30%. In addition, over the past few years, the average wage of a relatively large increase in the urban average wage rose 13%. So labor costs rise is an indisputable fact.

Due to the rising human cost, the cost of production relative increase of 13% -30%, and also had an impact on the supply of the product. Li & Fung Development Limited of China Susanna Chiu said: "Li & Fung do not do manufacturing, and manufacturing is a partnership, the partners of high human cost in terms of Li & Fung, a lot of European and American customers unwilling fare So we have to do in the middle of a lot of coordination work virtually would cost a lot of energy. "


Overcapacity is also China's manufacturing industry is facing a major problem, statistics show that China's current total of 24 industries, 21 of which already have overcapacity problems. The textile industry, garment industry, steel industry representative industry excess capacity.

Steel industry, for example, according to the statistics of the China Steel Association, the end of 2010, China's steel production capacity of 800 million tons, the 2011 new production steel production capacity of about 80 million tons, taking into account the elimination of backward production capacity of approximately 30 million tons of crude steel production at the end of the year can 8.5 million tons. Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute data show that as of the end of 2011, China's crude steel production capacity has reached 900 million tons. But last year, China's crude steel production of 683 million tons, domestic steel serious excess capacity.

In this regard, Cao Yuan Zheng said that the Chinese market has the characteristics of low-cost labor and high resource consumption. "This feature is now in change are backward production capacity excess capacity, backward production capacity, the need for technical progress, technology improves to adjust, this is what the next step should focus our business to do things." Cao Yuan Zheng said.

Brand lack of influence

In addition to rising labor costs, excess capacity, brand lack of influence is also affecting China's manufacturing industry. According to statistics, in the access to the world's top 500 Chinese enterprises, 64% of enterprises do not have the full protection of the brand. Among them, the proportion of large industrial enterprises not be fully protected brand is as high as 80%, is very worrying. Chinese enterprises have less well-known trademarks, generally insufficient gold content and influence. In addition, a large number of enterprises trademark strategy lags behind, or even ignore the contribution to the development of the brand value of the enterprise.

Cao Yuan Zheng said that the creation of the brand is an important aspect of the enterprise competition, the brand is good business.

Chinese enterprises lack the influence brand one reason is that Chinese companies like to do anything, Western companies will focus on building their own important brand and other brands outsource to do, so this is the Chinese enterprises need to learn Cao Yuan Zheng said.
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