Energy saving and environmental protection is an important part of the stationery market development
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In recent years, the amount of various student stationery products market growth rate of 10-20%; office folder, office stationery, such as office portfolio in annual sales to several billion yuan. Stationery industry in China has been considerable development in recent years, but in the high-end market, foreign brands are still dominant in the mid-market, with the market share of foreign brands were evenly divided.

Greatly to the current market is the potential for the development of the Chinese stationery made. In the process of rapid development in China stationery industry, the emergence of a number of big leader. Lepu liter stationery These varieties not complete other companies, but by virtue of the excellent design and excellent product quality has been highly praised.

China stationery market has great development prospects

Of China stationery market size of more than billion, but the domestic market is still in the competition is not sufficient stationery staking era, and the smooth development are cloth such as Staples overseas giants to enter China, in the next decade is the great development of China stationery market time.

Compared with their foreign counterparts, China's brand gap is large compared with the well-known international brand, brand advantages need remedial instruction. Rising market of stationery, stationery manufacturers can not only meet the traditional sense of the requirements, in addition to to meet altered, recording, storage and other functional requirements, but also meet the requirements of circular economy, meet the requirements of low-carbon economy. This is the stationery development and revitalization potential.

Energy saving and environmental protection is the development of an important part of

The industry believes that, stationery products to achieve sustainable development, environmental protection is very critical and important. The world's largest stationery market, but also energy consuming countries, especially the effect on the construction industry, as raw materials, energy consumption of all kinds of stationery products, in response to the large national energy-saving slogan many stationery companies in the domestic first taken the environmental pace, environmental science and technology to equip themselves. Corporate stationery manufacturing process as much as possible to follow the principles of environmental protection and energy saving, but there are still many stationery companies, including some large corporate existence of poor environmental conditions, environmental indicators exceeded. Therefore, stationery energy saving and environmentally friendly production process is an important part that can not be ignored.
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