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     All things verdant the Pujiang side, the early summer onwards event. 106th China Stationery Commodity Fair, organized by the China Commerce Association and the China Writing Instrument Association and the China International Pen Stationery Fair (hereinafter referred to as "culture"), on 31 May 2012, to June 2 in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center come to an end. The current "cultural will" uphold the advantage of ever again achieve the innovation and development, by national leaders and relevant departments attach great importance to attract the active participation and passionate concern of industry peers at home and abroad, the majority of exhibitors and professional buyers consistent praise, has once again become a remarkable, rich fruits industry event.

Culture since its inception in the atmosphere is always hot warm the bustling crowd continuous influx booth, the Advisory negotiate atmosphere active strong cultural goods industry thriving scene perfect presentation. The current culture will scale to a new level, the exhibition set up three pavilions, exhibition area of ​​30,000 square meters, set the international standard booths 1500, a total of more than 600 well-known stationery business from home and abroad to participate, exhibitors mainly from the UK, France the United States, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Austria, mainland China and Taiwan, Hong Kong, China. Well-known brands, including: hero, extensive, Lianzhong effective high Changlong, Tupper, zebra, Mitsubishi, Fuller dream, Kokuyo, PLUS, cohesive and flag license, punctuality, Merlot odd, Songhe, each with characteristics booth furnishings competing shine, eager to show the brand image of strength and a unique brand of charm, the audience at home and abroad to enjoy the stationery brand style charm.

The biggest bright spot of this year's "culture" is exhibiting companies at home and abroad to fully demonstrate and promote independent innovation products, high-tech products, health and environmental protection products, and a very unique fashion products. Micro Adar, poly, Songhe Kokuyo, Rui days, extensive, Merlot odd seagull, Changlong point stone, PLUS, Tupper, Fuller dream Lianzhong, zebra, Phoenix Arts are ups Bo brought the latest flagship product, colorful style costumes Log exhibition. Meta face an array of new products, many high-quality products at home and abroad concentrated debut, dealers have to reflect, they see the trend of the development of the cultural goods industry in this year's exhibition, found new opportunities for cooperation, the show's grand scale and the disaggregated Stuff also left them with a deep impression.

The current "culture will set up a special regional economic exhibition, Zhejiang Wuyi cultural and educational supplies production base in China, of Zhejiang Qingyuan pencil production base, Zhejiang watershed pen township and Port Jiangxi Province, China Pen Pen industry area and a number of economic and industrial base to the overall image appearance in the "cultural", they added, "cultural will" inject a special vitality vitality, but also reflects the cultural goods industry in a positive role in regional economic development.

Strength exhibitors groups, the essence of meta-types of exhibits, attracting many buyers and professional visitors from home and abroad, Yu Jiawen 50 of the total of the country of the central city with professional wholesale market participants looking for cooperation opportunities, more than 30,000 people. professional audience detonated the show fiery unprecedented event. Due to the number of professional visitors, high quality, brand image and the effects of the show is very good, very good communication with the dealer, have entered into a collaboration, communication between exhibitors and distributors, in-depth exchange of product sales and procurement Both sides have much to gain. Many exhibitors applauded gratifying that the exhibition site effect, have said it would continue to participate in next year show.

To reflect the cultural taste and public welfare connotation of "culture", the exhibition was also held during two special events. The opening of the morning, love to pass the touching scene is staged in the exhibition hall, the China Commerce Association, the China Writing Instrument Association, the Ministry of Science and Technology on the 26th Northern poverty relief group is co-organized by Project Hope caring student donation activities, true color Stationery Co., Ltd. , of five the Shanghai Chenguang Stationery Co., Ltd., Beifa Group Co., Ltd., Qingdao Changlong Stationery Co., Ltd., the iShares educational supplies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and other companies the scene to Ansai County, JIAXIAN area needy students donated stationery, primary and secondary school students successfully complete their education to help those living in areas difficult. The charities culture will be "filled with the power of love. Calligraphy pen from the other hand reveals the cultural charm of the culture will be a number of famous masters come together, ink brush, many from Shanghai, Changshu the calligrapher mutual exchange, discuss techniques. PEN activities for exhibitors to better appreciate the elegance of the "four treasures of the study" charm, a better understanding of the splendid civilization of love the Chinese nation.

The current "culture" will be held once again proves that the exhibition has become an indispensable platform Stationery companies showcase their technology and products, domestic and foreign manufacturers to develop interactive platform of supply and demand in the market of cultural goods, but also became the Association for the promotion of industries and enterprises exchange communication service platform. When many exhibitors do not hesitate to carry out the renewal of the next show, when many buyers find the satisfactory products, when the number of visitors rising, when the product range has grown significantly, the 106th culture will all exhibitors The audience goes to a satisfactory answer.

With the 106th "cultural will" end, which means the 107th "cultural will" about a grand debut, I believe that the success of the previous show cornerstone, both supply and demand certainly do power and culture will be "given the escalating , development, and constantly surprise for all those who are concerned about the cultural goods industry colleagues!

Looking forward to the 107th "cultural will" successfully carry out, and writing the history of classic recycling legend.
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