In 2011, stationery exports of $420 million
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Our country notebook and other stationery exports of a rising trend. In 2011, China's notebook and other supplies of the output to 611600 tons, an increase of 3.25%; The amount of exports of 1.497 billion us dollars, up 23.23%. The data show that in 2011, China's exports to America's notebook and other supplies to 420 million us dollars, accounting for 28.04% of total export; Followed by Japan, Hong Kong and England and other countries or regions.
Business intelligence network data shows: the laptop and other stationery imports a record. In 2011, China's import laptop only and other stationery 3860.9 tons, 4.87% year-on-year drop; The import amount of 17.678 million us dollars, up 38.20%. In 2011, China's notebook and other stationery imports for the first three source of Japan, the United States and South Korea, total imports accounted for 15.98%, 11.50% and 10.67%.
Our country laptop and other supplies import prices rising trend. 2011 1-December, China's notebook and other supplies import prices of us $4578.78 / tons; Export price of $2448.38 / tons.
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