The stationery environmental labels each different consumers doubt unceasingly my sohu
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Not long ago, people in to buy ms yao children stationery, see a special marked "green" "notebook. This discovery let yao woman become really interested enchanted, also a little doubt: this laptop "green"?
With the promotion of environmental protection concept, all kinds of goods and environmental security competitively hang the bait, even stationery field also blows and pure and fresh "green wind". But the reporter found in visit, these stationery played to environmental labels each are not identical, some even for enterprise homemade, stationery itself is not really "green", consumer unknown.
Yesterday, in zhongshan road a stationery store, when reporters wanted to buy the environmental protection stationery, a sales staff out from behind the counter a few notebook, cover it with a "green" sign, the paper with the ordinary notebook does not have any difference, the price is higher than ordinary notebooks $1. As for how to "green", sales people answer vague terms.
The personage inside course of study thinks, the so-called green environmental protection stationery, mainly is the enterprise in the design full consideration to the manufacturing process, reduce scrap, waste generation. But, in the present market condition some stationery of environmental labels to the businessman "puff" component is in the majority, authorities have not been authentication.
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