2012 small and medium-sized enterprise development situation of zhejiang stationery research analysi
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Zhejiang is the stationery enterprise province, with a large number of small and medium-sized stationery enterprises. But for now, small and medium-sized stationery enterprise, is survival difficult, the day was not easy.
Now, small and medium-sized stationery enterprises are facing the main difficult problem is: employment difficult, financing, power is difficult, to the appreciation of the renminbi decline in exports, the raw material inflation, rising labor costs, etc, can saying is the crisis at any time is failing.
Small and medium enterprises, over the years has been uncle not painful, grandma doesn't love, the government bank favorable policies, basic doesn't care.
The stationery enterprise nature is so treatment. Can say, the small and medium-sized enterprise can live to stationery down, that is with grassroots effort, in the years of market marketer, practiced a a ying.
Small and medium-sized enterprise, is the foundation of the national economy, for the country's stability and economy has a large contribution, and they didn't like the monopoly of the state-owned enterprise, not to depend on the state, everything is self-reliance.
Although enterprise superior bad discard the market competition will rule, but some place, some monopoly enterprises to differentiate between different enterprises have done it obviously is unfair.
Small and medium-sized enterprise is in the current predicament, the government cannot stand by, more can't fall, should make moves less, make some specific aim strong support measures to help small and medium-sized enterprise over the difficulties, this also is the responsibility of the government. Can't one-sided, put all the preferential policies for the large enterprise all, can not only perfected, but to XueLiSongTan.
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